Meet The Team!

Helen Grimsey

When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, aged 6, I confidently replied “Something with dogs Mummy”. At the time, I was sharing my life with Snoopy, a Standard Poodle, and Tessa, a Flat Coated Retriever.

Between then and now, I’ve had some great roles in companies we all know: Porsche, Sainsbury’s, Prudential, John Lewis, running the gambit from Customer Service and Administration roles to Global Sales Management.

But that original dream never died. After being made redundant in 2008, and with two Lurchers and a Saluki at home, I started working at a dog day care facility. My interest in behavior, training and dog nutrition bloomed. My obsession was reignited! I learnt a lot, but knew the day care could be done better.

Fast forward a few years and in April 2018, The Dog Members’ Club opened. I was fortunate enough to be given the role of Centre Manager. My dream is now a reality and my ongoing mission is to make your dogs happy, well-socialised, stimulated and, at the end of each day, tired and content.

Charlie Baker

Having lived with dogs all my life, from working gundogs to pet Labradors and now with three Jack Russell Terriers, I am the ultimate dog person!

I joined the team at its very beginning as an Apprentice Canine Carer and I couldn’t be happier!

Working with the dogs who visit the Club is a privilege. I get to know each member’s personality and am responsible for ensuring they all get the care, enrichment and attention they need.

The daily journals and members’ Facebook pages are my initiative and feel these give our human clients confidence and transparency that we treat dogs as they individuals they are.

My aim is to develop my dog behavioral skills to support owners with any issues they may be having with their dogs, in a kind, force-free way. Ultimately, because I see the positive effect the Club has on it’s members and I love this environment so much, my ambition is to open another branch of the Club as soon as I can.

Our Membership Pricing

Hourly rate: £1.75


Personalised Membership Pack

Member Activity Book

Guest passes: 8

Discount on club events: 25%


Hourly rate: £2.35

Personalised Membership Pack

Member Activity Book

Guest passes: 6

Discount on club events: 15%


Hourly rate: £2.75

Personalised Membership Pack

Member Activity Book

Guest passes: 4

Discount on club events: -

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Phones manned: 09:00 - 17:00
01522 700724

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