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Helen Grimsey aka the ‘Crazy Dog Lady’

Dogs have always been my best friends and from being a little girl I’ve always wanted to work with them.

I’ve owned dogs all my life, each one them being a very different character, I’ve always believed that the key to understanding your dog is to treat them as an individual, they’re like us, they have needs, fears and anxieties that should be respected.

Earlier in my career I volunteered in doggy day care and dog walking – it made me realise that there was an opportunity to do things differently, put the needs of the dog first. Often seen as just a day care provision to fit the needs of the owner, the dogs were sometimes left unsupervised, not stimulated, exercised and different breeds and personalities just grouped together and expected to get on.

So when I was made redundant, I saw and seized an opportunity and The Dog Members’ Club was founded where we do things differently. Your dog is our customer, treated as an individual and cared for with a development program to suit their needs, whilst at the same time giving you flexibility with day care to fit with your lifestyle.

Charlie Baker

Having lived with dogs all my life, from working gundogs to pet Labradors and now with three Jack Russell Terriers, I am the ultimate dog person!

I joined the team at its very beginning as an Apprentice Canine Carer and I couldn’t be happier!

Working with the dogs who visit the Club is a privilege. I get to know each member’s personality and am responsible for ensuring they all get the care, enrichment and attention they need.

The daily journals and members’ Facebook pages are my initiative and feel these give our human clients confidence and transparency that we treat dogs as they individuals they are.

My aim is to develop my dog behavioral skills to support owners with any issues they may be having with their dogs, in a kind, force-free way. Ultimately, because I see the positive effect the Club has on it’s members and I love this environment so much, my ambition is to open another branch of the Club as soon as I can.

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